How to Recover Partitions Data?

Recover Partitions



In earlier days, Operating Systems were using hard disks of 512MB storage capacity. Therefore, there was not much use of partitions of hard drive. While today's Operating Systems uses more storage capacity hard drives, there is a need of multiple partitions. Partitioning a larger storage capacity hard drive can make it work more effectively as Operating Systems make use of larger cluster size if the hard drive has more storage capacity. Therefore, if you do not partition the hard drive then small files also uses one entire cluster of hard disk storage space. As a result, hard drive spaec is often wasted when small files uses larger cluster size.But in some cases, you may require to recover partitions data, let us know how it going to be happened from below.

When you divide hard drive and create partitions, each partition can use smaller cluster size as logical partitions are smaller compared to original hard drive’s storage capacity. Additionally, users also wants to partition their hard drive when they are keen interested to enjoy the experience of two different Operating Systems on the same drive. In addition to this, hard drive needs to be partitioned for file management as arranging and locating the data on different partitions makes the users to access their files without any difficulty. Also, you can backup all the required files just by taking backup of entire partitions so that you can restore partitions data anytime. This is because, if you lose some crucial data during some process then it will become very difficult to recover partitions data when backup is not available

Beside all these advantages, there are few problems if you do not handle your partitions or the operations carried out with hard drive partitions. First and foremost thing is you have to be careful while partitioning or repartitioning the drive to allocate storage space. This is mainly because, if something goes wrong while partitioning or repartitioning the hard drive then you may lose all your data stored on that hard drive. Partitions may also get damaged or corrupted due to many common reasons due to which all your data stored on it may become inaccessible resulting in loss of valuable data. In such case, you may of think of software to recover partitions data. Before going through the procedure, lets have a look on scenarios which causes loss of files from hard drive partitions.

In Which Cases, You Need to Recover Partitions?

  • Accidental Deletion: You may unintentionally delete the partitions of your hard drive without knowing that, it contained your valuable data instead of deleting some unwanted partitions, which in turn lead to data loss. Here, to overcome such scenario, there is a tool named partition recovery software which helps you to recover partitions data easily.

  • Third Party Application Software: Using third party applications for partitioning the drive may also lead to deletion of previously formatted partitions, which contained your necessary information i.e., if the application you are running is not compatible with your Windows operating system then instead of partitioning or repartitioning of your hard drive, you may end up in data loss. If it happened with you, opt for partition recovery software to recover partitions data.

  • File System Corruption: It may be due to improper shutdown or startup procedures, software failures, NFS write errors, while installing multiple operating systems or due to harmful viruses. When file system of your hard drive or partition gets corrupted due to any of the reasons mentioned above, all your files become inaccessible. Dont worry, this tool provides you complete solution how to recover partitions data in an easy way.

  • Power Surge: Irregular power supply while working may corrupt disk partitions with valuable information and in turn lead to loss of data from it therefore, it is recommended to use a UPS to make sure that your system is not turned off abruptly.

  • Master Boot Record Problem: If the boot sector gets damaged, then partition becomes unbootable resulting denial of accessing the partitioned drive. In such cases, you have to opt for Partition Recovery Software to recover partitions data.

Partitions Recovery tool is used to recover missing partitions and also inaccessible or deleted partitions. This tool is used to recover partitions data lost due to partition corruption or damage. It creates a drive image for the drives that contains bad sectors, so that data can be easily recovered. It supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System. Also, it helps to recover partitions data from multi operating systems, where booting files failed resulting corruption in file system and making partition not to work. It helps you to recover deleted partitions from both Windows and Mac operating systems without altering any of its content. If your partitions are corrupted or damaged due to any reasons mentioned above then also you can use this tool to retrieve partitions data. This Software also retrieve partitions, which are formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems.

Hard drives partitions are the essential component of computer that can be used to store files & also arrange data in a particular order. Due to certain reasons the partitions that are present in it get formatted and thereby results in huge data loss. All the information that was present in is gone. Don't get upset! This is not the permanent loss of your data. You can easily recover partitions data with the help of Partition Recovery Tool.

Steps to recover partitions:

  • Step 1: Download and install Partition Recovery Tool to recover partitions. Now open the tool and click on “Recover Drive” and select “Partition Recovery” option to restore partitions data that is lost or deleted.
  • Recover Partitions- Main Screen

    Figure A. Main Screen

  • Step 2: Now select the partition which needs to be recovered and click on “Next” button to recover partitions. The software starts scanning the drive and recovers the data in the mentioned partition.
  • Recover Partitions- Select Drive

    Figure B. Select Drive

  • Step3: Use the preview option to view recovered data and save the scanned information using "Save Recovery Session" Option once you recover partitions data.
  • Recover Partitions- Preview Screen

    Figure C. Preview Screen


    • Please take the backup of hard drive so that you can retrieve partitions data from backup.
    • If you are satisfied with the recovery results then buy the licensed verison and resume the recovery session to recover partitions data by avoiding rescanning of your entire hard drive.

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