Recover Damaged Partition

Partitioning the hard drive allows you to divide the available space into sections that can be accessed independently. An entire hard drive may be allocated to single partition or you can divide the storage space between multiple partitions. The main advantage of partition is that it allows you to divide operating system and program files from user files so that you can easily access the files easily without any complications. Partitioning allows you to have more than one operating system on a single computer. Damage to a hard drive partition results in a severe data loss situation because the data stored on the damaged partition cannot be accessed. Don’t be panic!!!. You can restore damaged partition with the help of hard disk partition recovery software.

Causes responsible for damaging of partitions:

  • MBR corruption: MBR(Master Boot Record) contains primary partition table, disk media and one active/bootable partition. If the MBR has an invalid boot entry then the operating system cannot be launched. It can be caused by Virus attack, operating system malfunction or sudden power failure while the disk is in the middle of writing. In these situations the system warns you with the error message “Invalid or damaged bootable partition” and the data saved in the hard drive partition becomes inaccessible.
  • Excess data storage: Hard drive partition may collapse when you to save the data on to phantom volumes or free space areas on the disk. If you try to save more data on the hard drive and if the data amount exceeds the normal storage capacity of the hard disk then the drive is unable to save the data on real disk partitions and creates unreal or phantom drives which do not really exists.
  • Partition table damage: Sometimes the system flashes error message like “STOP: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” because of partition table damage. This may be caused by cabling issues, RAID drivers. This results in loss of data stored on that partition.
  • System Boot Refusal: Sometimes the partitions gets damaged when the system refuses to boot and shows some error messages like “Error loading operating system”, “Bad or missing partition table” resulting in loss of data stored on that hard disk partition.

Besides these there are many reasons responsible for partition damage but you can easily recover damaged partition data with the help of damaged partition recovery tool. This application can be used to recover data from damaged partition when repartitioned or reformatted drives and recover up to 300 file types including documents, spreadsheets, zip archives, email archives based on their unique signatures. Data lost from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 partitions after formatting can be easily recovered with damaged partition recovery software. You can restore damaged partition of internal and external hard drives with much ease. To bypass the bad sectors, disk images are created and later data can be restored with the help of these disk image files. This damaged partition recovery software can be used to recover compressed files from NTFS formatted drives and files with ADS attribute from NTFS drives. Recovered files can be sorted on the basis of file name, size, creation date and file type so that locating required file is very easy. Using this effective damaged partition recovery utility you can easily recover files from missing partitions in few steps. Other than missing partition, if you have deleted any important partition using Windows Disk Management utility, then you can use this software to restore deleted drive partition.

Formatting is the procedure where in all the information that is stored in the partition will be removed, deleted or erased. Accidentally formatting the drive is the worst situation where a person can come across loss of the entire files that were saved in it. With the help of this damaged partition recovery tool you can easily get back data from formatted drive.

How to restore damaged partition?

Follow these steps to recover damaged partition data:

  • Step 1: Download and install the damaged partition recovery application from the site. Launch the utility and select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option to perform damaged partition data recovery.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery- Main Screen

    Figure A. Main Screen

  • Step 2: Select “Partition Recovery” option from the displayed window to restore data from damaged partition. Choose damaged or corrupted drive from which the data is to be recovered. Select the type of the file to be recovered.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery- Select Drive

    Figure B. Select Drive

  • Step3: Rigorous scanning and recovery operation is performed to recover the files. After the completion of recovery process you can preview the files. Save the files to a secured location.
  • Damaged Partition Recovery- Preview Screen

    Figure C. Preview Screen

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