Recover Missing Partitions

It is a common scenario that you end with losing a partition after System formatting. Situation becomes more serious when you find all important data lost with that partition. Now if you want to get back whole data, you have only option i.e. retrieve data from partitions. Data lost due to re-partitioning drive, hard drive partition, formatting drive can become available again by using an efficient data recovery program. Special built in algorithms make all missing or deleted data files accessible by scanning entire hard drive. Partition recovery software restore missing partitions under Mac PC and Windows environment. It makes quite easy to retrieve missing partitions in NTFS, FAT, HSFX and HSF+ file system. It also helps you to recover partition data from hard disk drive of your computer.

Causes for missing partitions:

Causes responsible for missing partitions are as follows:

  • Human Error: Improper drive formatting, error in creating partitions, accidental system formatting, installing multiple OS may results in missing partitions. All these scenarios are referred to as human errors.
  • Third Party Application Software: Running third party application may also results in partition lost. If the application you are running is not compatible with your Operating System, then this might result in loss of partition.
  • Power surge: Irregular power supply during machine operation may corrupt disk partitions. Therefore, it is recommended to use a UPS to make sure that your system is not turned off abruptly.
  • Erroneous file system conversion: Incorrect file system conversion might also make partition corrupted and this in turn will lead to loss of important data saved on it.

It is possible to restore data from damaged partitions in any kind of missing partition circumstances using this partition recovery software. Data recovery wizard is smart enough to recover missing partitions of different types of hard drives such as IDE, SATA, SCSI etc. This software helps you to execute deleted disk partition recovery if you want to recover accidentally deleted partition data and to restore missing partitions. It supports both Windows and Mac operating system and therefore can restore missing partitions formatted with FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems.

If you are encountering any errors while partitioning the drive then also you can make use of this tool. It also helps you to recover missing partitions of hard drives of various brands like Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega, HItachi, Western Digital etc. This software not only recover missing partitions from internal hard drive, it can also recover missing partitions from various brands of external hard drives as mentioned.

How to recover missing partitions?

  • Step 1: Install the recovery application and launch it as administrator to perform missing partition recovery. Select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option to retrieve missing partitions data.
  • Recover Missing Partitions - Main Screen

  • Step 2: In next window, click on “Partition Recovery” option to retrieve missing partitions.
  • Recover Missing Partitions - Selection Screen

  • Step3: Choose any partitioned drive, you want to recover. Once you click on “Next” tab, scanning process will start.
  • Recover Missing Partitions - Select Drive

  • Step 4: You can view recovered data files by using “Preview” option. To save recovered partitioned data, click on “Save Recovery Session”. To see scanned information later and to recover missing partition on hard drive, you can use “Open Recovery Session” feature.
  • Recover Missing Partitions - Preview Screen

    NOTE: To avoid loss of partition always keep back up of your data in a separate drive.

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